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VITIS Perio toothbrush has been specifically designed to remove dental biofilm for people with periodontal problems or wide interdental spaces. A larger distance between bristles enables a better cleaning of wide interdental spaces.

All VITIS toothbrushes, are manufactured with the best quality standards and technology to avoid harm to the gums while eliminating dental biofilm built up in your mouth.


Larger distance between bristles.
There is a larger distance between the groups of bristles. This favours a better access to wide interdental spaces.

Soft bristles:
Soft bristles

Monotip attack zone:
Specific head bristles in rounded position to disorganize the most resistant dental biofilm in difficult to reach areas.

No harm to your gums:
Specially rounded and textured bristles designed to protect dental enamel and gums.

Ergonomic handle:
Designed to perfectly fit in your hand and to adapt to the shape of your mouth. Flexible, comfortable and safe.

Protective cap:
The protective cap keeps the bristles together and in optimal condition, while it isolates them from external contacts.


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