Remescar against crow's feet 8ml

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Remescar against crow's feet 8ml

Remescar against crow's feet 8ml

The new Remescar de Gallo against crow's feet Laboratorios Medmetics efficiently and immediately reduces up to 73% of crow's feet.

Clinically proven results. The Solution to the crow's feet : Remix against crow's feet.

Remescar against crow's feet is a unique and innovative product that reduces crow's feet immediately.

It offers a tensor effect combined with its wrinkle-filling action, immediately eliminating the unsightly crow's feet from the area around the eyes.

crow's feet  are those horizontal wrinkles that appear on the outer ends of the eyes that greatly age our look and our face.

They are very fine wrinkles that are exaggerated especially when we squint the eyes to sharpen the view. This is very common in people who suffer from myopia or tired eyesight, problems that become acute over the years. It is important to try to solve these ophthalmological problems and relax the eyes to relieve the tension responsible for the appearance of these unsightly wrinkles.

Another cause responsible for the appearance of crow's feet is the liver weakened as a result of poor diet, consumption of foods rich in fat or alcohol and / or tobacco consumption. Prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution and the passage of the years have a significant influence on the appearance of the Gallop's feet.

In addition to trying to correct the causes that cause the appearance of crow's feet, it is essential to treat the skin with a suitable and effective product as Remescar Rooster legs that fills wrinkles and tightens the skin to eliminate these unsightly immediately wrinkles that age our face. How It Works Remix Rooster's Paws.

The efficacy of Remescar Patas de Gallo is based on Remescar's innovative e-Wrink technology that provides 3 important actions:

1.-Immediate Tensor Effect,

Thanks to the combination of Silicones of plants and mineral Clays that create on the skin a thin film that stretches the skin eliminating the wrinkles and lines of expression of the area of ​​the contour of the eyes.

2.-Fill the wrinkles,

For its content in phytosaccharides with antioxidant and anti-aging action that help to attenuate and prevent the appearance of signs of aging in the skin.

3.-Cell Reactivation,

Thanks to its content in Myrothamnus Fabellifola, with important medicinal properties.

How to use Remix Rooster Legs.

To achieve the expected results of Remescar Gallop, it is very important to apply it correctly by following the instructions detailed on the package.

It is recommended to follow the following steps to properly apply Remix Rooster Legs:

Step 1: Gently wash the skin of the face before applying and dry thoroughly applying light touches with a towel.

Step 2: Put a quantity of product equivalent to the size of a grain of rice in the fingertip. It is very important to apply a sufficient amount of product to achieve the optimal results, an insufficient quantity reduces the effectiveness of Remescar Roas de Camilo. An excessive amount would not be absorbed completely by the skin and could cause sensitivity. It is important to use the right amount, neither more nor less.

Step 3: Gently spread the cream onto the skin of the area surrounding the eyes by gentle massage from the inside to the outside until it is completely absorbed.

Step 4: Avoid making gestures during the 2 or 3 minutes following the application for optimal results.

Remove product residue with paper.

Do not forget to close the Remescar Gallop container well and wash your hands well after using it.

Remix Legs of Rooster is removed by washing the area with water.


If you use other skin care products, it is important to apply the serum, moisturizer, etc before waiting for them to be completely absorbed before applying a thin layer of Remescar Rooster Legs following the instructions detailed above.

Then you can apply your makeup. Some oily makeup may reduce the effectiveness of Remescar Rooster Paws.

If white residue remains on the skin it means that too much has been applied to Remix Legs.



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