Radarhealth Personal Mosquito Repeller Plus RH-100

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• No chemical products.
• With the most specialized technology.
• Effective protection and suitable for both children and adults.
• 100% electronic.
• 100% sure.

Radarhealth Personal Mosquito Repeller Plus RH-100

Summer is coming and with it our beloved friends, mosquitoes, with their empty stomach ready to fill. To prevent them to spoil your day, the PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER PLUS will help you avoid mosquito bites in your outdoor activities in the most comfortable way. With the most specialized technologies and without using chemicals, their effectiveness is certified against common and tiger mosquitoes and against Zika, Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya mosquitoes. It is an effective and suitable protection for both children and adult.


The PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER PLUS is equipped with Sonuerit technology, based on the emission of sound frequencies. To understand how this technology works, you should know that only female mosquitoes bite when they are in their gestation period in search of human blood to nourish their eggs, while males feed only on nectar and pollen. In this situation, females avoid male mosquitoes and they don't want to know anything about them. Emulating nature, Sonuerit technology imitates the flapping flight of the male mosquito, driving females away from the area. For this reason, once operating, you'll notice a faint sound if you put it closer to your ear.

Thanks to this technology, the PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER is the most hygienic and most respectable protection on the market: neither chemical nor toxic substances are used, which can be harmful to the health of humans and pets-


You can use the PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER both indoors and outdoors, adapting it to any situation. In addition, you can turn it on and off at any time by simply moving the switch.

With ingenuity and design, we have managed to create such a compact device that becomes the most aesthetic and functional solution on the market.


  • As a bracelet With a minimalist design and in an hypoallergenic silicon wristband, the PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER PLUS will go with you in any activity, without even having to think about it.

  • As a clip The device incorporates a clip that lets you hung it anywhere you want: in the shirt pocket, in the backpack or in the baby stroller. The possibilities are endless and its size is so compact that it can be adapted at any time according to your needs.

  • Simply placing it above any table or furniture You can leave the device on the table, for example during a dinner outdoors, knowing that you will be protected throughout the evening without having to worry about anything.


The RADARCAN® PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER PLUS is the best way to protect yourself in your outdoor activities. On the one hand, it provides a 100% safe protection, without using chemicals or toxic products. At the same time, it is a great deal of money because it works without refills and you can wear it always with you, adapting it to suit your needs. It is practical and hygienic, suitable for both children and adults in Spain and manufactured under strict quality standards.

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