Interapothek Talc 200 g

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Talc Interapothek relieves skin irritations baby and other family members

Talc 200g Interapothek

The diaper may cause irritation and burning of the skin of the baby. To avoid these problems it is important to take care of the hygiene of the child and use different products to prevent future problems and discomfort to the baby.

To avoid more serious problems, you should use gentle products adapted to the baby's skin, which is more delicate and requires more care than the adultos.Por example, to finish cleaning the baby, after diaper change, a must-have is the talcum powder that helps soften and keep skin dry.

Interapothek Talc is a fine crystalline white powder which adheres to the skin and has no roughness. Insoluble in water, solvents, acids and alkalis cold lipids.

Interapothek gently perfumed talc is perfect for daily hygiene of the baby and the whole family. It helps dry skin and reduce irritation. Dermatologist is harmless to the skin, not cause any allergies or irritation.

Relieves skin irritations baby and the rest of the family with Interapothek Talc

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