Grintuss Syrup Children 200ml

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GrinTuss pediatric syrup make a film with "barri...

GrinTuss pediatric syrup make a film with "barrier" that calms the cough protecting the upper airway.

It is specifically formulated to adhere to the mucosa and limit their contact with external irritants.

It also promotes moisturization of the mucosa and the expulsion of mucus facilitating this.

GrinTuss pediatric syrup is made with innovative functional substances of plants by extraction and concentration processes that respect the integrity and ensure phytocomplex 100% natural formula.

The freeze-dried extracts of plantain, Grindelia and Helichrysum, from cultures Aboca Biologicals, have mucoadhesive properties and protective action by substances such as vegetable mucilages, gums and resins.

Honey, present in the formula, develops a protective and emollient and provides a nice flavor syrup for children.

How to use: It is advisable to take 1 teaspoon dessert in children 1 to 6 years, 2 teaspoons dessert in children over 6 years, two to four times a day.
The syrup may be taken alone or diluted in a small amount of warm liquid (water, milk, tea or infusions).
Once opened, consume within three months.
The eventual presence of undissolved small particles is due to the concentration of lyophilized extracts and does not impair the product quality.
It is enough to stir the product before taking it to restore its original uniformity.
Close tightly after use.

Directions: GrinTuss pediatric syrup is useful in case of dry or productive cough and irritation calming acts, protecting the mucosa and helps to eliminate mucus.

Warnings: Do not use in case of hypersensitivity or allergy to one or more single components.


Cane *, honey *, water, hydroalcoholic extract * Plantain leaves, plantain leaves lyophilized extract *, freeze-dried extract of Grindelia tops *; lyophilized extract of Helichrysum tops *, essential oils of natural flavors: lemon, sweet orange and Mirto , natural lemon flavor.
* Ingredient from Organic Farming

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