Gingi Lacer Mouthwash 500 ml

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GINGILACER is developed to reduce plaque formation, while restoring the ...

GINGILACER is developed to reduce plaque formation, while restoring the health of the gingival tissues.


The synergistic action of triclosan and zinc chloride inhibits bacterial activity for a long time, reducing the formation of dental plaque, gingivitis main causative factor. Additionally, xylitol protects tooth enamel by reducing the stickiness of the plaque on it.

Prevents gingival bleeding

The astringent properties of zinc reduces gingival bleeding, reduces the congestive process and improves the general condition of the inflamed and bleeding gums.

Protects gums

GINGILACER mouthwash contains vitamin E which neutralizes the action of free radicals and protects the gums against the aggression of the plaque, preventing inflammation of the gingival tissues. Enoxolone GINGILACER toothpaste contains excellent efficacy in congestive processes that improve the condition of the gums swollen and red.

Toning gingival

Decreases inflammation and reduces bleeding, facilitating epithelial regeneration gum, toning and strengthening them, which improves its resistance to further inflammation.

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