Enna Cycle Twin Pack with Applicator and Case Large

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Made with medical grade silicon.

Has four holes and a pressure valve to avoid suction and to aid easier extraction

Thread guide for proper induction marking min and max introduction point.

Unlike the competitive products, Enna contains two cups for convenience.

Enna Cycle Twin Pack with Applicator and Case Large

The Enna Cycle Cup is a patented, easy to use menstrual cup which boasts many benefits over alternative sanitary methods. The Enna cup is reusable, which is what makes it so unique ensuring that the impact on the environment is lowered drastically due to the huge reduction in waste. The Enna Cup is also far safer to use compared to other products because it is made from medical-grade materials and eliminates the risk of health complications such as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and immune system complications which have been recorded with use of tampons/pads.Lastly, due to the fact you will not need to be buying disposable products regularly, you will find yourself saving plenty in the long run too! Enna Cycle will change your life, make the switch today!

The Big Issue:

UK landfills are constantly being bombarded with thousands of tonnes of female waste sanitary products. It is estimated that the average woman disposes of 11,000 products in her lifetime, which equates to 200,000 tonnes of waste entering our landfills every year! Sadly, because disposable products like tampons, pads and liners are 90% plastic, they cannot be recycled, so end up being dumped in landfills or even more worryingly in to our beautiful coastlines and rivers creating a huge impact on our environment and wildlife.

The Solution?

Menstrual cups have absolutely revolutionized the way women deal with their sanitary hygiene, growing rapidly in popularity, menstrual cups are set to be the go-to sanitary product of the future due to the fact that they eliminate the majority of the issues found with using other alternatives.

The Enna Cycle Cup ensures that you have a safe way of dealing with your time of the month. Products like tampons have hit the headlines in recent years for all the wrong reasons. Tampons can leave microscopic fibres in vaginal tissue which creates the risk of generating a breeding ground for bacteria which can, unfortunately, increase the risk of complications like Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which can be fatal. It does not end there. Tampons, pads and liners are usually bleached white by manufacturers, a process that creates a chemical called Dioxin. Dioxin has been linked to health problems such as immune system suppression, reproductive issues and cancer. The absorbency of tampons can also lead to less serious but unpleasant symptoms such as discomfort, itching, rashes and even infections.

The Enna Cup uses medical grade silicone which is flexible and safe for your body, meaning the health risks are eliminated entirely. The next issue that the Enna Cycle Cup alleviates is the negative impact on the environment.Due to the fact that you are able to sterilise and reuse the cup means you are cutting down on waste, which leads to a reduction of disposable products ending up in landfills, rivers and coastlines.

Why is Enna Cycle different?

  • Applicator (optional)
  • Thread to facilitate extraction
  • More capacity compared to others on the market
  • 2 cups per pack!

How does it work?

Much like the use of a tampon, Enna Cup is inserted in the same way but instead of absorbing your flow, it fills the suctioned cup instead and can hold up to 12 hours of fluid securely.

The medical grade silicone is not only biodegradable but made from a material that will last for years. It is completely free from chemical substances and keeps your bodys pH balance in perfect harmony. Enna Cycle is built around convenience, not only will you never have to make regular trips to the sanitary aisle again, it is also convenient to store, sterilise and use. Enna Cycle is also available with an applicator which can make insertion simple. With its unique design, it reduces suction on removal and enhances the fit of the cup to your body.

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