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Candida Ginegea 5 sachets of 2g + Applicator

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Candida Ginegea 5 sachets of 2g + Applicator

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GINEGEA CANDIDA actúa como coadyuvante en el tratamiento de las vulvovaginitis por Candida.
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Ginegea candida appears as a medical device which acts as an adjunct in the treatment of Candida vulvovaginitis, but also can be used in general in cases of vulvovaginitis and vulvar itching or in other situations where a reset is required microflora normal vaginal.

Ginegea candida, its composition and method of administration, is an adjunct in the treatment of candidiasis. Its membership includes several elements that achieve adequate adhesion and reconstitution of the vaginal flora imbalance:

Tara gum: specific gelling agent is able to create quickly, and by forming a hydrogel, an effect mechanical barrier against potential pathogens, especially of the genus Candida. In addition to its rapid action in just a few minutes, ensures a beneficial vaginal hidrolubricación

Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus salivarius LF 11 CLR 1328: two specific probiotic microorganisms that help reinforce the barrier effect, in addition to lowering the vaginal pH, creating an unfavorable environment for the development and spread of Candida

Fructooligosacáridos and arabinogalactan: two prebiotic fibers that help increase the effectiveness of Ginegea candida, as the substrate of the above probiotics

Ginegea candida also known for having a very simple dosage, since it must be given 5 consecutive days; to prevent recurrences continue with an application once a week for the next four weeks. In the case of wanting a restoration of the vaginal flora, it is recommended that an application at the end of each menstrual cycle, unless otherwise specified by the physician.

The application of this product is very simple, since being a reconstituted lyophilized product is made at the time that you want to manage. Ginegea candida need not be maintained in a refrigerator.

Since probiotic containing Ginegea candida species are non-pathogenic Lactobacilli usual from the vagina, or belong to the list of species with Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS), Ginegea candida can be administered during pregnancy and lactation.

Ginegea candida is a medical device distributed by Menarini Farma CT.

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