Bonflex Heat Effect Massage Gel 100ml

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  • Heat effect gel.
  • Calms pain in a localized area.
  • Activates circulation and increases the temperature in the applied area.
  • Indicated for before physical activity to prevent injuries.
  • Rapid absorption without residue.

Bonflex Heat Effect Massage Gel 100ml


Bonflex Gel provides relief when despite noticing discomfort in the joint we need to continue with our physical activity. It works as an extra reinforcement to continue with our rhythm of life or with our usual physical training.

It has anti-inflammatory components, provides essential substances for the care of the cartilage of your joints and also hydrates the skin.

If you need an immediate and quick solution to use at any time or if you tend to feel your muscles overloaded, try Bonflex Gel and you will notice the difference.


To apply Bonflex Gel you only have to use the necessary amount of gel in the desired muscle area 2 or 3 times a day, performing a light massage in the affected area and you will notice a pleasant sensation of relaxation and heat. You will start to see the benefits in no time.

If you do sports, apply it before and after exercise on the muscle or joint where you notice discomfort. If you use it in your daily life you can apply it at any time of the day. You can do it quickly, comfortably and anywhere. Its absorption is fast and non-greasy. Remember that its effect is multiplied accompanied by Bonflex Classic and Bonflex® Collagen.

Store Bonflex Gel in a dry, dark place between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.


Bonflex Gel is a product designed for active people who feel that they need to strengthen their joints throughout the day, be it due to sports, work or recurring discomfort.


With the topical application of Bonflex Gel you provide the muscle and the joint with three components that occur naturally in the articular cartilage and protect it. The first is Type II Bioactive Collagen, one of the molecules that make up chondrocytes, which are the cells of articular cartilage. The second key component is glucosamine sulfate, an amino sugar that prevents the degeneration of chondrocytes. And the third is hyaluronic acid, a substance present in the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints and that keeps them lubricated to prevent inflammation due to wear and tear.

The Bonflex Gel formula is completed with actions that reduce joint discomfort with ingredients such as Arnica Montana (which confers an immediate anti-inflammatory action and is traditionally used for the care of minor injuries, bruises, swelling and inflammation of the joints); Ginger and Boswellia Serrata also have anti-inflammatory properties from botanical extracts. Bonflex® Gel contains Menthol and St. John's Wort, also known as St. John's Wort, which has properties that facilitate faster healing.

In addition, the Bonflex Gel formula contains Devil's Claw and Calendula, which give this gel a sedative effect, while the Cayenne Essence works in the same direction but, thanks to capsaicin, it also provides a sensation of heat and improves blood microcirculation. .

This product is enriched with essential oils such as Methyl Salicytate, Turpentine or Eucalyptus to facilitate its application.

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