Monday, first thing in the morning. A girl, "angustiadísima" Phone call Sexual Information Web Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ). The weekend had sex with her boyfriend and had a problem with the condom. He put it upside down and even saw time and turned around, spotted hands with a drop of semen and although they are washed before touching it, she feared she was pregnant.

Fears such as this, which gives the sperm MacGyver skills are those that focus the inquiries made to this service, which last year were recorded in 11,000 phone calls, more than 6,000 emails and over 5,000 calls over the internet Skype in Andalusia. Pedro Villegas explains, a doctor and sexologist at the other side of this phone to other professionals, these fears of "unreal situations" are based on the Internet.

The network of networks has replaced the role of sex educators who once played the parents, not without difficulty, but the information flowing through it has risen a "myth" that had disappeared. For example, the possibility that a girl becomes pregnant with the fingers is seen as true by some American doctors and American universities, when it is not.

Therefore, the role of sexologists and educators of this phone, which received 1,700 requests for consultations from Malaga last year, is to dismantle these fears unfounded scientifically. These fears are not only refer to the risk of pregnancy, but also to sexually transmitted diseases.

Dam obsession

However, sometimes the young and not so young that they call this phone does not listen to reason, they are prey to an obsession that sometimes lasts for years. And again, this trough head tends to be due on the internet. If you have any sexual questions, the first thing comes to mind today is typed in a search engine. "But they have little trap that what comes first is what most clickthroughs and there are fears," says Villegas.

Given the erroneous sexual information circulating on the internet, it is common for boys of 16 years' self-labeled "as premature ejaculation if his age is common these experiences or to ensure that girls are" anorgasmic "at the 85% penetration when women do not take pleasure in this way, says the sexologist. Also, the influence of pharmaceutical makes some guys think they have erectile dysfunction because one night your body does not react as expected after having a few drinks.

You might think that these consultations are the result of youth and inexperience, but made people of all ages, since the phone also call people from 12 to 50 years of age, showing that the general public knows "very little" about sexuality. These adults are also parents who ask for advice on how to discuss sex with their children.

This was stated yesterday by the director of the IAJ, Raul Perales, who presented the balance for 2010 of this phone sex information, call Yaperollama, accompanied by the regional government delegate in Málaga, Remedios Martel, and coordinator of the IAJ in Malaga Alicia Murillo.

In 2010 cases handled in the region increased 14% over the previous year and the most common questions were, in order, hormonal contraception, sexually transmitted infections, fear of pregnancy, postcoital pill, male sexual dysfunction and psychological problems related with the experience of sexuality.