The system is based on a new imaging modality, densitometric image, which has industrial and medical applications.

Radiation imaging systems are based on the absorption suffered by X-ray or gamma ray photons passing through tissue or objects which is related to the shape of the object and the electron density of the material (electrons per unit volume) therethrough. The result is a projective image, which represents the sum of the structures of the object projected onto a two dimensional surface.

"The new system also incorporates spatial information about the patient or object explored. The integration of this information with conventional radiological information allows us to obtain a new imaging modality with multiple industrial and biomedical applications, "says Germán Rodrigo CSIC researcher.

In clinical diagnosis, this type of image incorporates information from the face of the patient, facilitates image interpretation and decision aid radiologist, speeding up the diagnosis. This improvement in the quality of image is produced by means of a spatial correction, and not by mathematical filters which could lead to errors in interpretation of injury. The system also allows more accurately quantify absorption calibrated and parameterized systems absorbance values ​​obtained depending on the thickness of the material.

In industrial applications, densitometric information to determine the composition of the object that can not be inferred from the existing X-ray systems used for object inspection and quality control. By introducing new information about the scanned object, this system facilitates the exploration, being able to distinguish, for example, the amount of fatty tissue in meat pieces.

The new system has been developed by researchers of the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (joint CSIC and University of Valencia), the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (CSIC) and the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (Polytechnic University of Valencia) . The company will be someone dealing ISTmedical this technology in the clinical setting.