59% of the 500 young Spanish women aged 18 to 25 years participating in an online survey on contraception conducted through the site nomasdudas.es considers the dual method (pill and condom) is the most effective means of contraception if not have a stable partner.

In Spain, 18,000 pregnancies occur annually in children under 19 years.

Despite the level of knowledge about the most appropriate measures to prevent pregnancy and also sexually transmitted infection (STI), recall that each year about 15 million adolescents between 15 and 19 years around the world give birth and one in four young men near known case of unwanted pregnancy.

In order to remedy this information deficit, born http://www.nomasdudas.es/ web, conducted in collaboration with Teva Woman Health and aims to provide young people with a serious and rigorous information in relation to safe contraception and accessible, it is estimated that only half of young people between 15 and 24 is considered well informed about the various contraceptive options, which results in nearly 40% of children unprotected sexual intercourse with a new partner.

To inform teenagers of good practice in sexual and reproductive health, the website has a space nomasdudas.es particularly aimed at this audience www.nomasdudas.es / youth where you can see which contraceptive method is best suited for each type of person or relationship, the myths surrounding sexuality, relationships, pregnancy, contraception, and so on.

This site also has a section on content and services tailored to women over 25 years www.nomasdudas.es / women seeking information about contraception and the latest news and offers tips for developing a good sexual and reproductive health.

Contraception accessible

The launch of this website matches the decision of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Equal funded through the National Health System of various contraceptive methods. With this measure, the price of birth control pills has funded decreased by 70% compared to non-subsidized and provide more and better youth access to effective contraception to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and risk practices.

Despite this news, about 60% of the 500 young participants in the online poll conducted by http://www.nomasdudas.es/ still considered a box of condoms is cheaper than the pill monthly.

Importantly, the use of hormonal contraception has increased among the population under 19 years, although experts say the condom is still the method of choice in 58% of cases.

Information Tools

The web www.nomasdudas.es / youth offers users several tools aimed at facilitating greater and more complete information on the various issues surrounding sexuality and responsible young man.

The site has a video blog, guided by Dr. Patricio José Ruiz Lazarus, a pediatric expert Adolescent Medicine, who meets monthly doubts about a particular issue you raise teens who attend to your query.

Furthermore, in line with contraception responsible, www.nomasdudas.com web / youth, offers a tool via Twitter through which reminded daily that it is time to take the pill.
The user receives a tweet via direct message in which you are encouraged not to forget to take your pill. The tool is easily identifiable on the web as it is called "Tevarecordar."