Those over Sanitas Residencial will enjoy the company of younger people in the coming months. The "At your side" has as main objective to old and young share and pool their life experiences through intergenerational encounters. Thus, the younger will have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the elders and these, energy and vitality of the young.

Thus, young people may participate in these intergenerational encounters with three different actions to choose from:

    Create a work of art between the highest and the young.
    Write stories based on the life experiences of older Sanitas centers.
    Get up close how physiotherapists working Sanitas Residencial and what rehabilitation treatments offered to the elderly.

As a reward, of all the young participants will select the 40 best stories to publish in the book "Stories of Wisdom, written with talent," the 13 best works to prepare the annual calendar of Sanitas Residencial 2014 and will be offered training contracts physiotherapy related studies.

The initiative "By your side" is in effect for the months of June and July. To maintain intergenerational meeting, youth only have to contact one of the 40 centers in Spain Sanitas Residencial and specify what action prefer to participate. However, the information in the program "your side" is from now on the site

With this project, Sanitas Residencial wants to step more on the idea that it is essential that older people share their life with others and feel that they are not alone. In addition, it contributes to active aging full of activities and an active social life, which undoubtedly improves their quality of life but also their physical and psychological.

Photography By Aloneibar (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons