www.Yaampi.com, is an online platform which aims, firstly to offer a unique online community environment and aimed at health professionals, where they can share health medical knowledge, engage in dialogue, debate and research with colleagues around the environment Hispanic and other directory or guide health professionals segmented by specialty and geographic area where professionals get network presence in order to be able to offer their services to the market and patients will with the possibility of finding professional character and health centers.

Yaampi.com after only a few weeks of its release and has several thousands of Latin American professionals in the directory, has the support of a group of major companies and institutions in Latin America and Spain and is geared to meet the needs of communication, management knowledge, socialization and promotion of Latin American health professionals and contacting a coordinated manner to professionals and patients.

The Health Latin American environment is characterized by high fragmentation, coexisting various agents, health care providers, government, financial, professional and objective of a mission Yaampi is centralizing all these agents and optimizándoles enabling communication and relationship between them, in addition to functioning as a medical knowledge base which a party may be made available to patients, such as tips and healthy habits, self-care, awareness campaigns or online diagnostic system.

Yaampi named Quetchua expression "jampi or jampix" which means "the healer"