Apart from the purely aesthetic considerations , overweight and obesity are important risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, respiratory and / or joint .

Knowing that the number of people with weight problems no longer increase, today we present ABOCA laboratories , who are specialists in the fight against the extra kilos.


Aboca Laboratories working on two fronts , first working for the promotion of a healthy balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle , along with moderate exercise, and secondly research and develop effective and innovative insurance products as Aboca Adelgacción LibraMed .

With its complex Policaptil Gel Retard 100 % natural , glycemic control LibraMed peaks reducing fat storage and hunger . LibraMed thus helps reduce weight and umbilical circumference .

Who can use Libramed Aboca?

  • adults if overweight and obesity, with high values ​​of umbilical circumference, also of normal weight.
  • children from 8 years in case of overweight and obesity .

Aboca Adelgacción LibraMed Health is a product classified and produced in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC.