It is a date that results in balance sheets and projections, which are still severe despite the UN has revised downward its estimates-fifth less than expected-encrypting 34 million people living with evil. This does not preclude that arise each year 2.6 million new cases, that AIDS kills 1.8 million this year and spread to 7.400 per day.

A decade ago that AIDS left the field of high-risk groups (drug addicts, hemophiliacs, gay) to reach a frightening increase in the heterosexual population, particularly young people aged 12 to 24 years. On the other hand, a bad first male now affects men and women equally, and 10% of children infected by mothers who ignored AIDS as carriers, although this percentage tends to decline.

The continent of Africa remains hardest hit, with 26 million cases of HIV-positive and a percentage between 28 and 30% of the population. Although there are improvements here: six of these countries have made their people to use condoms in 80% of their sex, and AIDS recedes.

While experimenting with a vaccine that appears successful in 50% and have marketed new drugs that slow the progress of evil, the truth is that there is no vaccine available. The "cocktails" of drugs succeed only stop its progress. The use of generics in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Cuba has achieved coverage of 90% of cases (and in Brazil from 100%), but it is estimated that 10 million worldwide without any treatment.

In most countries it depends on massive campaigns of prevention. We must insist on the forms of "safe sex" and all go, despite opposition from some sectors of society, condom use, recommended for all sex.