The electrosensitivity manifests with conditions such as anxiety and nervousness, vomiting, headaches, migraines, dizziness and memory loss, burning eyes, irritability, insomnia, burning sensation on the skin and eczema.

One source of information on these diseases that have appeared in reports issued by various media these days is Joaquim Fernandez-Sola, MD Internal Medicine Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

One published in the mid of this month a book called multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental to the enlightening subtitled Surviving in a toxic environment. I'm going to order one immediately to the publisher to read and discuss this with you.

Society is becoming increasingly sensitive to the damage they can cause many toxic chemicals that surround us and we eat or electromagnetic pollution given off by new wireless technologies, as fascinating as a dark side but on the other (and this is on which should be ascertained).

Basque public radio has also made a program that has been titled Generation Electro, with testimonies of people affected by electromagnetic pollution. What a contradiction that the snuff (or smoking) will be bounded in a growing space but not the same thing happening with the perfume (loaded with toxic chemicals) or by wireless. This, despite the non-polluting alternative to cable, although expanding, as their measurements have documented some readers of this blog and others, in many cases exceed their emissions and set healthy boundaries in our country that often raise the limits.

More information: The book that comes in health that gathers testimony from people with electrosensitivity and other emerging diseases.