After consulting her local chemist, Leanne was horrified to learn that the most common head lice treatment was a shampoo containing toxic chemicals that can cause illness and even death. Amazingly, not a single natural treatment was available.

After a period of intensive research, Leanne developed a prototype of a product (subsequently called Quit Nits), which used essential oils to deliver highly effective results. Being a recently separated mother of three children without any financial support and wanting to be available for her children, she decided to set up a home-based business to manufacture and distribute the natural head lice treatment she'd first developed for her daughter. Thus, in the living room of her Margaret River home, Wild Child was born.

From the beginning, Leanne envisaged an export-driven company, having discovered that the gap in the Australian head lice market also existed in the rest of the developed world. The unique characteristics of Quit Nits - that it provides a safe, natural alternative to highly toxic conventional products - are as relevant to overseas markets as they are locally.

At Wild Child we have always been concerned with the unnecessary use of dangerous chemicals in our world. We believe that by making a very large number of small changes around the world we can significantly reduce environmental damage.

Wild Child ’s contribution to this philosophy is the creation of our natural range of products. Wild Child family products are formulated towards the maximum utilization of natural and nature identical products. The elimination of toxic chemicals in everyday household products is just the sort of small change that can make a difference.

Almost all of the Wild Child range is composed entirely of natural ingredients but, as we all know, just as nature can provide potent poisons as easily as wholesome nutrition, some non-natural ingredients are essential for safety and efficacy. In the interests of producing safe and pure products, wherever there are no natural alternatives we have selected only those ingredients that have the lowest irritancy and the safest environmental record.

At Wild Child we are keenly aware that we have the opportunity to create effective nature-friendly products and this ideal forms the underlying principle of current and future research.

Like the Wild Child in all of us, these products are born, not made.