Leading a healthy life is a difficult task, but ... why? It is very simple, human beings have a natural tendency to immediate reward, if we compare a piece of chocolate cake that you can eat it now (immediate reward), compared to a reduction of heart disease risk (reward long term), always wins the chocolate cake.

This is the reason why they inform people about how many calories are in a bun or a hot dog, they often change their behavior, despite this, there may be ways to help people move forward in their desire to lead a healthier life.

It has been observed that something as simple as putting a plan in writing when we perform an action that will improve our health, can improve their level of compliance.

For example, in one study reported a group of people when and where they could get a flu shot, if you also were asked to write down the date and time at which they planned to go to put it on, the percentage of people who actually went to get a flu shot increased by 4%.

As for food, has been observed in various studies that unconscious factors such as the size of the dishes used for eating, can help reduce the amount of food we need in a meal.

Photo by Scott Bauer. Image Number K7246-9. {{PD-USGov-USDA-ARS}} From http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/graphics/photos/k7246-9.htm Category:Vegetables