Where some talk of scaremongering, WHO is only prudent. The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, yesterday defended the management that made the pandemic influenza A. According to her, were not "alarmist" but acted according to the information that was available and "no country objected.

Moreover, Chan said that "The WHO adopted a very prudent attitude, especially when you consider that was the first pandemic in four decades. Never had declared a state of pandemic if it had not been certain that he had evidence that would occur, "adding that the level of pandemic alert should be maintained:" There is no argument that can conclude that this is not a pandemic . The virus has spread steadily in all regions of the world, affecting 205 countries.

In Spain, health advisers of all the autonomous closed ranks behind the minister, Trinidad Jimenez, and received citizenship from the moment an exceptional image of unity in the management of pandemic influenza A.

The press has been one of the leading players in this crisis, and some point to the media to sow confusion. What happened should make a call on the media attention that they get on the car without the slightest critical ability because outbreaks sell.

To date, H1N1 has caused more than 500,000 infected and 11,000 deaths worldwide.