The term myocardial infarction, known to all as a heart attack or stroke, refers to a lack of blood supply to heart tissue death in a part of the heart, caused by a blockage of a coronary artery.

Ischemia or lack of oxygen resulting from this obstruction produces angina pectoris, if not caught early death of heart muscle occurs, while if maintained over time there is a myocardial injury and eventually cell death, what we all know as infarction.

Risk factors in the onset of myocardial infarction are closely related to the risk factors of atherosclerosis and include, among others:

     old age
     hypercholesterolemia or, more specifically, hyperlipoproteinemia
     homocysteinemia, ie a rise in blood concentration of homocysteine, toxic amino acid that rises if not taken enough vitamin B2, B6, B12 and folic acid
     diabetes mellitus

Myocardial infarction should be considered a medical emergency and should seek medical attention immediately. The lack of immediate attention is a serious error which claims thousands of lives each year