The disease is characterized by profound fatigue , muscle and joint pain and deterior memory and concentration. Patients also experience impaired cardiovascular function, intestinal disorders and sensory dysfunction, such as intolerance to noise and balance problems.

Symptoms tend to be so severe that patients with chronic fatigue often experience social and family isolation . Most cases go on for months or years and many times symptoms do not improve with rest.

The CFS has been trivialized for years due to lack of scientific evidence to support his diagnosis and was known as " yuppie flu " . Victims continue to suffer the stigma of a disease that is often hardly recognized by the medical community and with skepticism by family , friends and coworkers .

The management of chronic fatigue syndrome may be as complex as the disease itself. There is no cure and there are no drugs specifically developed for chronic fatigue syndrome , so it is very difficult to treat. Symptoms may also vary over time .

People with chronic fatigue syndrome should closely monitor their health closely with your doctor to create individualized treatment program that best suits your needs . This program should be based on a combination of therapies that address the symptoms , techniques to address these symptoms and different ways of carrying out normal daily activities .

Researchers have found significant differences between cells of the immune system in chronic fatigue patients and healthy people. This discovery could lead to the identification of biomarkers of chronic fatigue , bone , measurable biological indicators that could be used in the diagnosis of it.

Image: Eva Bonnier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons