Ordesa always involved in constantly improving its products and a pioneer in research and innovation in baby foods in our country, constantly made new studies on the composition of breast milk and the influence of the ingredients in the development and growth of smaller.

Adapted milks are becoming more complete and similar to the maternal and introduce little-known nutrients. This is the case of probiotics, which reinforce the intestinal flora and stimulate the defenses, or probiotics, that favor the growth of the former.

Also present are immunoglobulins, lactofen-sawdust and nucleotides. In this case, contribute to the development of the immune system of babies.

Other essential nutrients for growing infants and are essential for food lipids or fatty acids, arachidonic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and B-palmitate.

The initiative, a pioneer in the field, allows access terms one by one easily accessing the information. The guide can be found on the website of Ordesa.