Here are some questions about the flu vaccine:

Is it too late to get vaccinated?
No, it's not too late to vaccinate. Typically, flu season lasts until March, so you can still benefit from the protection offered by the vaccine.

Just put it on as soon as possible.

Is the vaccine available now?

They make enough vaccine for people who want to get vaccinated now should be able to get one, and I warn you that it will not be easy because the dealers do not keep trying because it does not serve any one season to another. You may not find in the first pharmacy that you visit, but do not be discouraged.

How long does it takes for immunity and how I can protect myself from getting the flu until it does?

After vaccination, it takes about two weeks to develop immunity to the flu virus. Frequent hand washing is important to protect yourself from the flu.

How effective is the flu vaccine this year?

The annual vaccine efficacy against influenza depends on several factors, including the matching of the vaccine strains with the circulating strains.

This season, 90 percent of the circulating flu strains that have been analyzed match the viruses in the vaccine against influenza 2012/2013.

Can you get the flu even if we have a flu shot?

Yes, there are cases of people who were vaccinated against the flu this year, which later suffered. This happens every year and there are different reasons for this to happen:

People who are infected may have been exposed to the virus before getting the shot, or within two weeks of receipt, they develop immunity.
They may have been exposed to a strain of flu virus not included in the vaccine.
Not everyone responds the same way to vaccination, and some people, such as those with chronic diseases do not develop adequate immune protection after vaccination.
Is it possible to get vaccinated if you have a cold? Why not?

Yes, as long as the cold symptoms are not serious, like a fever. People with fever may have a reaction to the vaccine that could worsen your symptoms.

If you have the flu, the vaccine will certainly not do you any good.

If you've already had the flu this year, it's as if you had vaccinated. But you must be sure you've had the disease was influenza.

People who have had flu this year be vaccinated next, because the circulating flu strains change from year to year.

If I have the flu, I can take medication to quickly cut?

The flu can be treated with antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu or Relenza. If you start taking them within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, these medications can relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of the disease in one or two days. These drugs can also prevent complications of flu, such as pneumonia.

The protocol indicates that antivirals should be recommended only to very sick with the flu, for example, those who are hospitalized or who are at high risk of serious flu-related complications. Individuals at high risk are young children, people over 65, people with certain chronic medical conditions and pregnant women.

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Picture By Photo Credit: Cynthia GoldsmithContent Providers (s): CDC / Dr. Erskine. L. Palmer, Dr. M. L. Martin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons