Graduate in Philology , literature is one of his great passions and lifeline in difficult times.

How did the idea for The Loft Pauline arose ?

A sunny and warm summer evening I decided I wanted to have my own space to share some of my hobbies. It was an idea that haunted my mind for some time, since I 'm also a regular follower of beauty and fashion blogs .

What time do you spend ?

Currently, less than I'd like. Ideally published weekly, but do not always have enough time to do things right and I am not in favor of sacrificing content for quantity. Yes, I have promised myself to update more regularly and hope the arrival of spring inspire me enough to recharge and take advantage of daylight hours give both photographically game .

What brings you to write to Pauline 's Attic ?

The personal satisfaction of doing something you like and what you enjoy while you know a lot of people with similar interests .

What does fashion mean to you ?

Although it sounds cliché, is a channel of expression and do not want me wrong that I'm going to say , because it's not that I think that " the habit makes the monk ," nor am I in favor of judging people by their appearance , but I think that somehow we express by the way you dress . The mood is often reflected through the clothes we wear , for example how many times have we met someone on the street that after having gone through a loving , family or any other kind of trance, looks great and radiates stronger than ever ? It is as if that person told us "hey, here I am again! " As simple as choosing a particular garment and not something to buy , gesture says a lot about ourselves and what we want to project ahead of others.

What is the role of blogs in the world of fashion and beauty?

Obviously occupy a very important place, not have to see the amount of beauty and fashion blogs proliferating on the Internet . Some bloggers have a power so great an influence that is not lost on large firms in general and Tito Amancio ( the master of the Inditex empire ) knows , what if they know ! haha

Believe what purpose the loft Pauline?

Mainly , I created it with the goal of sharing a hobby with others and to make a living with a blog is quite complicated, is more like me supposed me plus otherwise , for products that show in my posts are always borne in my pocket. That does not mean that is open in the future be able to earn money from it , no one is bitter sweet . Of course, by the time that happened the important thing is to be honest with the readers and do not try to sell the bike.

Where you need inspiration to write the post of Pauline?

On the street, on other blogs, in stores, in film, on television, on the recommendations of friends ... Inspiration is like a spark that arises at any time or in any situation , that's why I always carry a small notebook with me to point out possible ideas and then more calmly , try to develop at home.

What is the secret to maintaining an active blog and get readers?

Time, patience and above all , perseverance .

What do you like to write to Pauline 's Attic ?

Read reviews and to interact with other people with similar tastes to yours , you always bring new ideas. The blogosphere you feedback and is highly addictive.

Are you aware of the importance of blogs have gained in the world of fashion and beauty?

Of course , blogs are a great showcase , a simple click and the user can access a lot of information. There are great blogs reference different topics for their quality content, others are more gimmicky and choose to give priority to the image. In any case is a growing phenomenon and I hope it is for long. Before the person who had something to say or certain vocation for writing , I needed a publisher would open the doors , now with internet it's much easier, because there are no filters , the only and the most important is what makes the reader . Something also happens with music, anyone can pick up your guitar and record a video on youtube, but the visits will depend solely on their talent.

What is basic garment in the closet of Pauline?

Jeans Maybe you have a few in your closet?

What cream is a must on your dresser ?

A high protection sunscreen product ( spf 50).

What are your favorite clothing brands ?

I have favorite brands , buy clothes when I move pulse depending if I like what I see. I could tell you some , but it would be silly because brands are better than others collections and you just name some new collection for next autumn - winter is loose and then I acuséis tacky , haha. Well, come on , I get wet : I like cut marks Parisian type Morgan de toi , Poète or Naf Naf .

Do you think there is a great distance between the collections of the most famous signatures and street fashion ?

No, while the more modest or low cost firms are experts and get closer clonadoras collections of large firms to mainstream audiences . No excuses for not wearing a Prada modelazo gateway in the nearest zara we almost always an interesting reply.

Any blog that you consider essential ?

Not essential , but interesting lot . The first I started following was Bartabac , I love the naturalness of this girl in each of the photos . That started the bug bitten .

A seductive fragrance that never fails ...

Phew this is so personal perfume ... Anyway , if I had to recommend one it would either Chanel or Dior, are timeless , seductive and often convince almost everyone .