This study, which can be downloaded free on the website, examines to what extent and how the current economic situation is affecting the health of citizens and, consequently, the quality of life.

Despite this deterioration, 85.1% of the population is satisfied with its current personal and family circumstances. In fact, nearly half acknowledged that it has not changed, while one in four admits he is worse, have become unemployed and because incomes are lower.

The main concern is work, followed by health, employment of family and economic crisis in general. Moreover, a third acknowledge that you have had to alter their shopping cart usual due to the crisis, especially having to buy cheaper.

Regarding the frequency of self-care practices and physical appearance, 41.9% of respondents acknowledge that you have had to reduce it for economic reasons.

Anyway, 59.4% say they go to the doctor as often as years ago.

The perception of the future is complicated: 44.3% of employees are afraid of losing their jobs next year, 75.4% self-employed and entrepreneurs fear that the job situation will get worse and 86 , 2% of the unemployed is difficult to find a decent job in the short term.