Sleepwalking is a more widespread phenomenon than you can imagine: U.S. study just revealed that at least one in three people can say they have had a sleepwalking episode in his life.

the study

Conducted by Maurice Ohayon, Stanford Sleep Epidemiology Director of Research Center in California, has been published in the journal "Neurology" and it involved 16 000 people.

A questionnaire prepared for the occasion, the experts found that nearly one in three respondents (29%) had at least one episode of sleepwalking in the past.

Although repeated and frequent sleepwalking is a rare phenomenon giving up only 3% once a month and 1% at least twice a month.

Id disorder

Sleepwalking is very common especially in children, it is estimated that at least 30% of children have moments of sleepwalking, but generally with age, the phenomenon becomes less frequent.

However, until now had never conducted a field study to monitor the true extent of this phenomenon.

Sleepwalking is a series of ailments ranging from talking in his sleep to get up and walk to the house or leave it, with the danger involved in this case.

Sleepwalking is more likely to suffer if you have trouble sleeping (insomnia), if you suffer from sleep apnea, if you drink too much alcohol, if you take sleeping pills or antidepressants.