This situation is radically different if you live in an area with little sun or you move or just live in northern or central Europe , in this case , many doctors and nutritionists recommend supplementation with vitamin D , as its deficiency has been associated with various diseases. That if one thing does not make vitamin D , according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine , and reduce blood pressure .

Participants in this study were over 70 years old and suffering from high blood pressure. After taking vitamin D supplements at high doses or placebo every three months for one year , it was found that vitamin D supplementation did not improve blood pressure.

Anyway there are plenty of reasons to control our levels of vitamin D and if necessary take a supplement :

Preventing Osteoporosis : Postmenopausal women who took a vitamin D supplement for three years had a significant reduction in vertebral fractures in the second and third year of supplementation , according to a 1992 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine .

Stimulation of immunity: Children taking a greater amount of vitamin D3 fortified milk through were about half as likely to catch a cold , compared with children not supplemented with this vitamin , according to a 2012 study published in the Pediatrics.

Reduced risk of breast cancer: Have blood levels of vitamin D levels may predict an increased risk of breast cancer before menopause , according to a study published in February in the journal " Cancer Causes and Control" . The researchers studied 1,200 women and found that those who had lower levels of vitamin D were three times more likely to develop cancer of mamaque those with higher levels .

Prevention of Alzheimer's disease : Vitamin D linked to DHA can help to control inflammation and improve the space between the plates often associated with Alzheimer's disease , according to a study of cells grown in the laboratory dishes , which was published in the Journal of Alzheimer 's Disease .