Today I bring you a range of products SESDERMA Laboratories : The liposomal serum C -Vit C- Vit C -Vit intensive and Luminous Radiance Fluid , which use the antioxidant power of vitamin C as Ascorbyl glucoside, the shape of the vitamin C can be encapsulated in liposomes and thus penetrate deep into the skin and exert their effects.

This range C -Vit contains vitamin C as ascorbyl glucoside , minus the C -Vit Intensive carrying L -ascorbic acid, but What are the benefits of vitamin C in our skin ?

During the day becomes the most luminous skin , exerts an anti -oxidant power, sunscreen and get more pores remain closed.

Evening: exerts a exfoliation , tone is clarified, acts as anti wrinkle , providing more firmness to the skin .

What is best for me?

Here we explain all the special attention to how each job

C -Vit Liposomal Serum

If you want a shock treatment of cutaneous photoaging, this is yours , acts as an anti -wrinkle and contains Ascorbyl glucoside encapsulated in liposomes. Its multi-active formula boosts the benefits of anti-aging and skin lightening treatments .
Your benefits : dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lightens spots , luminous skin , firmer and visibly younger .


How to use: as a recommendation to apply 2 times a day, morning and night, to help yourself this dropper , with 4 or 5 drops is more than enough and apply it on the face and neck with a gentle massage until completely absorbed .

C -Vit intensive blisters:

Ideal as a shock treatment for dry and aging skin with excessive exposure to sunlight, or subjected to harsh cosmetic or dermatological treatments, contains 12% pure vitamin C ( L -ascorbic acid). It is an add- on treatment of depigmentation patches of skin with antioxidant capable of fighting the photo- induced skin damage . By its light texture would be suitable for all skin types .

Your benefits : Protects from the harmful effects of UV radiation (erythema , redness) and evens skin tone .


How to use: with clean and dry skin apply this serum insisting on the pigmented areas. Massage gently with fingertips until completely absorbed .

C -Vit Radiance Luminous Fluid:

Ideal to treat tired skin , dull , sallow and lack of brightness, containing 2 % vitamin C as Ascorbyl glucoside. The licorice extract and mulberry interfere with melanin synthesis , preventing and clearing unwanted pigmentation . The Pal- KTTKS and Vitamin C promote collagen synthesis , reducing wrinkling and increasing the firmness, smoothness and elasticity of skin .

Your benefits : Provides radiance and vitality to the skin , providing effective immediately , a radiant and healthy. Improves skin color , tone and homogenizing clarifying pigmentation .


How to use: Apply C -Vit Radiance , bright morning and / or evening on the face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed fluid. To enhance the results performed , as usual , a chemical or physical exfoliation .

After applying the serums you can strengthen this with C -Vit Face Cream