The experts have always warned about the dangers of excessive dedication of children to the game, creating problems of addiction and social and mental disorders. A series of warnings now joins the group of doctors specializing in optics, pointing to spend more than 15 minutes a game console can lead to problems of myopia.

The eye of a child under 12 years is not fully developed, said the expert, so do not be subjected to overexertion and working so close to the screen of the game.

Not everything is negative, and is not to ban young people use video games as doctors themselves also recognize that help, for example, to improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes and increase the concentration .

What is no longer advisable to spend too much time playing video games as this, and leading eye problems can also cause discomfort to other functions such as eye irritation, headache and back pain, among others. They also advise that video games are left to age over twelve years, since before the structure of the eye is still in training, so that poor vision care could result in a risk of myopia or myopic shift.