Keep a good mental balance is very important but there are also some behavioral patterns that can help us build a stronger relationship :

  • Focus on the positive: Expressing verbal and nonverbal affection and maintain common interests and activities is a priority.
  • Learn to forgive : Even in the best relationships are disappointments and pain. Forgiveness involves the ability to recognize pain , talk about it, and over time , make a positive decision not to dwell on the bitterness and disappointment , to pursue a more positive relationship .
  • Don't put other tasks before your partner : There is always plenty to do , however, postpone the moments of intimacy for another day that you have less to do , enjoy your partner is critical to your emotional health and the link.
  • Surprise your partner : All flatters us that our partner will surprise us with a detail , a phone call, a special dinner , a letter, a song dedicated ; these small pleasures renew the magic of love .
  • Accept your partner as it is: OK involves love , loves other in a whole, even if you have things you may not like . Do not try to change it, because that way you are denying , and that other person is someone original, unique and different from you .
  • Assume your personal responsibility : Recognize that your behavior may contribute to the state of your relationship. Blaming your partner when you are not happy is a way to start a couple conflict . We have no control over the choices and behavior of the other person, but if we have control over our own decisions and behaviors which can improve the emotional climate in any relationship.

Is it possible to keep your heart broken ? There is no 100 % safe way to get it, but you can use the above tips on how to keep a full relationship or at least control your disappointments and prevent damage of heartbreak in your life.

Image By Wilmar .t.l.r. (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Common