The cream with snake venom is a novel finding that has meant a revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetics today, more than a wrinkle cream really smooths the skin.

Snake venom used for this type of cream comes from the "snake temple," a type of Thai snake, whose venom contains a unique polypeptide that blocks the nerve signals that tighten the facial muscles and thus stops the appearance of wrinkles . It has also been shown to contain an excellent skin-smoothing properties, especially in areas of the forehead and eyebrows, the bar code of the upper lip and crow's feet.

But, what do these creams?

The secret is the SYN-AKE, a small peptide that performs the same action as the Waglerin 1, component of viper venom of the temple (Tropidolaemus wagleri). Clinical trials showed that SYN ®-AKE is capable of reducing wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions. To get a true effect of elimination of age (Age Killing Effect).

This type of wrinkle creams also act on aging and often also contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, rosehip oil or aloe vera extract, as well as a sun protection factor that decreases the action of free radicals caused by lightning UVA / UVB. Such creams leave skin hydrated and smooth with a healthy and vital.

If botox cosmetic revolution was the 90's, from 2009 it is snake venom, no punctures and with a more lasting effect. There is no treatment that resembles it on the market.

Venezuelan creams snake are suitable for any skin type and any age, regardless of sex, mature skin results are even more amazing.

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