Teats, bottles and pacifiers are made of silicone Tommee Tippee , somewhat favorable compared to latex as well as avoid possible allergic reactions , being totally transparent silicone which provides a hygienic and natural, is more durable , more resistant to baby teeth , is odorless and does not know anything, can be sterilized with boiling water, steam or cold water and is microwave and dishwasher.

Some products Tommee Tippee :

Dummies :

100 % silicone pacifiers are orthodontic Tommee Tippee and have been scientifically developed with the collaboration of Dr. Tesini , world authority in pediatric dentistry , to support the natural shape of the palate promoting healthy oral development.

tommee tippee chupetes


As for the bottles, the Closer to Nature Tommee Tippee range of easy to combine breast and bottle feeding between your nipple and is very similar to the natural nipple shape, designed to mimic the natural flex and feel of the mother's breast and an innovative anti- colic highly sensitive valve that allows air into the bottle and no baby 's tummy .

tommee tippee biberones

Breast pump :

We all know that there is nothing better as breastfeeding and as such extractors and accessories Tommee Tippee are designed to prolong the time necessary for a comfortable and easy way . Stress can feel uncomfortable accelerated or evil influence milk flow and hinder breastfeeding , so the Tommee Tippee manual pump wave has a massage system that help milk out quickly and comfortable offering a comfort. Manual operation allows it to be discrete and easy to control for a comfortable level of suction.

tommee tippee sacaleches

Accessories for breast care :

Because all mothers are different and each breastfeeding experience differently Tommee Tippee offers disposable feeding discs , absorbent , anatomical , non-slip , breathable upper .

Other accessories:

You'll find accessories such as :

Easy Drink Cup , ideal for the first phase of learning to drink .

The Active Straw cup that helps the child learn to drink with a straw .

Soothing teethers , designed to help relieve the pain of teething.

You see this brand offers a variety of products so you can maternity wear more comfortably and enjoy more of your baby. The breast pump is connected directly to the bottles , no need to go changing the milk container. All advantages !