The American Pregnancy Association has published recommendations for air travel which ensures that trips are not contraindicated in a normal pregnancy during the first and second trimester.

Aim these tips to enjoy the journey and fill you with energy for the day of delivery.

Exercise. It is advisable not to stay more than two hours sitting on the trip. Try to walk the aisles grabbing seats and assisted by someone from the crew. To avoid bloating and cramps while sitting move the toes and leg massage date.

It occupies two seats, whenever possible. At this time it is unthinkable to buy another ticket, but you can check with the flight attendant if there are two adjacent seats empty to change your location. You can sit back up the legs on the other seat.

Compression stockings. Use of this type of measures that will help you get better circulation, plus it can protect you from the cold light that sits on some flights.

Comfortable clothes. Travel clothes made of cotton, wool or linen. We suggest you bring some light clothes and pants or cool.

The shoes. Choose comfortable shoes, lightweight and easy to apply and remove, this will prevent swelling and quieter ride. You can wear a pair of slippers.

Suitcases. If you travel alone is not recommended that you upload. Requests the airport staff to be responsible for helping to document and pass the customs controls.

Before you travel

The airlines. Each airline has its own policies: some do not accept passengers with more than 7 months pregnant. Research before getting tickets.

These are, for example, that Aeromexico has:

• Medical certificate applies to pregnant women 30 weeks (7 months) at 37 weeks of pregnancy, as well as high-risk pregnancies. From week 38, for health insurance will not be authorized travel by air.

• Letter of disclaimer notorious ladies with signs of pregnancy, regardless of months of pregnancy, signed by the passenger or family member.

Before flying check with your doctor and take their views into account much, do not travel without permission.

Information American Pregnancy Association.