We have to devote adequate attention to keep them in good condition. We must take care of their hygiene by washing daily and use a pumice stone to exfoliate in the bathroom floor and heel to prevent calluses and corns.
After washing, dry thoroughly, especially between the toes, as moisture facilitates the growth of fungus. We hydrate with special creams to not lose its softness and elasticity. It would be well to use some talc antiperspirant.
Avoid wearing shoes or shoes without socks in summer as excessive moisture in the feet can cause injury and infection.
We will not use the same socks for over a day and will wash regularly, especially sneakers.
It is beneficial, whenever possible, walking barefoot on a clean as it helps circulation.
We always choose the right footwear. The shoes should not compress the toes or bother heels or soles. Do not overuse of high heels or those without the bow well established as slippers.
If we observe the appearance of corns and calluses, or changes in the color or thickness of the skin, see a podiatrist, who will help to improve the health of your feet.