This is why gyms are filled in January, our resolution to get in shape and change their lives, is a reflection of our guilt.

If our occasional excesses become a habit , no doubt, are harming our health. According to a recent study , it is possible that eating certain foods is associated with depression.

We present the three foods we should avoid abusing this Christmas and even after .

Refined grains : The pasta can be considered fast food, agetreados great for those days when we have to spend most of the time shopping , cooking or decorating the house. But it might not be a good choice to take it daily.

The pasta and white rice have been identified as inflammatory foods and have been linked to depression in women between 50 and 77 years, according to a study published in October 2013 , in the journal Brain , Behavior and Immunity.

In the study , researchers analyzed the eating habits of more than 40,000 women who were not depressed at baseline . They found that those who consumed inflammatory foods regularly were more likely to suffer from depression at endpoint .

Refreshments : At this time it is very easy to take a drink on the go , but in the same study Brain , Behavior and Immunity was seen that carbonatdas drinks taken regularly can also contribute to depression. So, if you're thirsty you when you take a drink , the time to rethink that decision may have come .

The "Fast Food" : People who take fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression than those who do not , according to a 2012 study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition. This includes pastries , burgers , hot dogs and pizza industry .

Photography By Alvis at en.wikibooks [Public domain] , from Wikimedia Commons