Actually endorsed her new heart at the same time when surgeons transplanted into his chest 25 years ago.

" Your body and heart have become one ," says Steven Boyce, surgical director at MedStar Heart Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center , where he transplanted the heart to Thomas Cook on February 1, 1989 . " We do not know why. 's Pretty unusual for the body to accept a new body and recognize it as their own. But his body took the body from the start and never caused rejection."

Thomas Cook , 50 , is one of the longest transplanted survived a heart transplant in history. Note that Cook has never experienced significant episodes of rejection or other common major medical complications following a heart transplant . He takes medication to prevent rejection , all transplant patients do.

"I have done nothing but live life ," says Cook. "I've had ups and downs but I am enjoying the feeling of being alive. "

On February 19 , when Cook arrived at the hospital for his annual checkup , doctors , nurses and other personnel involved in monitoring, as well as the mother of the donor of his heart, he was caught with 25 red heart shaped balloons , a cake heart shaped dishes with heart-shaped biscuits and a crystal heart shaped engraved wearing "25 years strong . "

While most people are afraid to grow old , Cook thanks you and says "I grow old , I hope to be here to celebrate 50 years of transplantation. "