Moreover, with the participation of renowned experts in the field, such as Dr. Sakari Orava, Finnish surgeon who heads the unit Neo Sports Traumatology Hospital, in the city of Turku (Finland) and is collaborating physician Xanit Hospital Internacional. The conference will take place in the hall of the hospital from 16.00.

Dr. Sakari Orava, surgeon who has treated many elite athletes and top level on the international stage, will speak at the conference on the pectoralis major muscle rupture.

The event, moderated by Dr. Fran Moya, Chief of the Emergency Department of Xanit International Hospital, is addressed to practitioners regarding the management of patients who perform a routine sports and professionals related to the world of sport and its refresher course objectives pathologies associated with common sports, both professional and amateur.

Also present will be Dr. Herminia Alvarez Luque, International Hospital Xanit doctor, medical specialist for Physical Education and Sports, will offer a presentation on the initial conservative treatment of muscle injuries, Dr. Antonio Narvaez, Chief Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology and Sports Medicine Hospital, will speak about sports injuries rotator cuff, Dr. Juan Manuel Alonso, Head of Medical Services of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, which will explain the hamstring muscle problems in the athletes and their conservative treatment and rehabilitation, and Dr. Lasse Lempainen, orthopedic surgeon and orthopedist Neo Hospital and University Hospital of Turku (Finland), who will present the surgical treatment for ruptured rectus femoris.

The day will end with a panel discussion with the participation of athletes and former athletes, as Adolfo Aldana, former player of the Spanish team, Real Madrid, Deportivo La Coruna and Barcelona Spanish or Ivan Medina, consultant physiotherapist and FC Malaga Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Málaga, among others. It specialists discuss possible forms of presentation and management of injuries among professional and amateur athletes.

People who are interested in attending this event, free of charge, must confirm such assistance through the following mail: marita.ekman @