His formula is based on Lypodualenzym composed of three plant assets (karkade, coleus forskohlii and amni visnaga) and that operates at two levels: the entry and blocks the formation of fat cells and burn fat already stored, encouraging lipolysis. Moreover, the new product contains other assets such as horse chestnut or ponytail, putting solution to certain problems of cellulite rebellious as fluid retention.

The stick format, in turn, provides a clean and comfortable implementation to the affected areas, multiplying effect through the self-massage. According to a clinical controlled study in 50 women for 28 days, reducing the circumference of the thigh up to 1.5 cm in 2 weeks and up to 2.8 cm in a month.
The product is accompanied by Thiomucase Training Camp, a camp for virtual users can receive training to help them visibly reduce cellulite before summer. This is an emergency plan 28 days and has a director, which encourages participants, a personal trainer, physical targets proposed and an exercise table, and a nutritionist in charge of providing a weekly plan with recipes and tips for a healthy diet.
The double presentation of Extreme Areas Thiomucase took place on April 13 in Madrid and Tuesday 20th of that month in Barcelona, in charge of product manager Almirall, Yolanda Sanchis.