The hair is anchored in the hair follicles and projecting upwardly above the surface of the epidermis. When the follicle is active hair grows about 1 cm a month and when the follicle decreases its activity the hair stops growing, it eventually falls off and the follicle enters telogen or resting phase.

External aggression, hormonal changes or mood can weaken the hair follicle, it produces results in finer hair with less volume and less density. How can we maintain the capillary volume?

Today I bring a hair food supplement capable of acting on the follicle from within and promote hair growth by cystine, zinc, and B vitamins containing, achieving a better quality of hair, more volume and larger diameter . For thinning hair, volume loss and brittle nails: ADVANCE ARKOCAPIL FORTE

Contains nutrients that promote hair growth as a result of a point drop due to stress, fatigue, nutritional imbalance, vitamin deficiency, excess sebum. Zinc ensures favoring anchorage capillary growth and contribute to the normal synthesis of keratin.

Promotes hair follicle activity as long as possible to avoid, thus producing hair that stops early.

Where do I get it?

You can find it here: