In the case of A/H1N1 Flu, whose principal symptom is high fever, the body temperature measurement represents an extremely important action. That’s why the ‘new generation’ version of Thermofocus, the 1500A3 series, is perfect to be used in airports, hospitals, schools, factories and all other at-risk situations and/or in all circumstances where it becomes necessary to make a mass, but accurate, check.

In fact, thanks to its exclusive at-distance measurement system, Thermofocus always guarantees absolute hygiene, and reduces the risk of infection during the temperature monitoring, both for the patients and for the operator who is in charge of the measurements. A risk which becomes extremely high when the temperature monitoring is made at the same time/place on many people using traditional skin-contact thermometers (ear thermometer, digital, etc.).

In 2003, when the SARS pandemic spread out, Thermofocus has been the most-used thermometer by the sanitary authorities of many different Countries all over the world. Thermofocus appeared to be the most hygienic, safe and accurate device to detect body temperature in such at-risk situations. The exclusive MQCS system (Manual Quick Calibration System), developed after the SARS experience, makes the use of Thermofocus even more appropriate in case of mass controls and guarantees in every kind of situation accurate measurements and extreme safety.