During the celebration of the "First Forum of discussion and analysis of vaccine" held in Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza) told reporters summarized the scandal generated by the gastroenterologist English which impacted on the "link" between MMR and autism .

The specialist explained the Catalan legal edifice which was organized on this issue, "animated by economic motives and seeking essentially innocuous presence of mercury in the vaccine and the fraudulent use of chelators by Wakefield and his followers."

After nine years of trials it became clear that there is no relationship between the use of the MMR vaccine and autism, although unsubstantiated idea to become even stem permeate international personalities.

Josep Artigas For after all this tremendous cloud of dust became clear four things:

- Mercury in the brain is an average of fifteen parts per billion. The set of immunizations could be increased only 2 / 3 parts per billion

- Only observed toxic effects of mercury from 150/200 parts
- A baby breastfed for six months has levels of mercury
- No medical expert has made a plausible theory that mercury may contribute etiologically to generate cases of autism