This data was made public during the celebration this weekend in Palma course "Managing Patient Psychological Conflict", attended by 200 dental hygienists in the Islands, who will learn how to react to these situations, such and as pointed out by the organizer, Dent, a firm that is organizing such courses throughout Spain.

In fact, the company which is engaged in oral research, said that the dentist is "a place where it is clearly perceived stress or aggression. The fear of physical pain, anesthesia or apprehension aroused medical devices are some of the situations that trigger hostility from patients to professional. "

In fact, it is estimated that approximately 15% of the relationships between staff and patient health can be defined as conflicting.

"There is a demand because of the need for many health professionals who need to know how to handle conflicts that often occur in the work environment and this is important to facilitate consultations on the humanization and closeness that patients need."

Consequently, the course aims to provide dental hygienists the tools to know how to deal with stressful situations and conflict with patients to pediatric patients.

Thus, the workshop would expose what factors influence the doctor-patient relationship, what situations can occur in day to day queries, how to deal with children or how to identify patients who are troubled and their characteristics.