Fortunately, science advances is an outrage and surprise us with prostheses of all kinds, here are five more strange that there.

Penile prosthesis

For men with congenital or erectile dysfunction, a penile implant can suponerles a radical change in their lives. Some of these prostheses are simply creating a rigid rod always erect penis, but others use a pump that can be filled or emptied of liquid the prosthesis depending on the situation.

Prosthetic nose

Scientists at the University of London have developed a prosthetic nose complete with mucous membranes and small blood vessels. To manufacture, take a mold of the original nose of the person and a glass mold creating a polymer backbone. Cells are added to the bone marrow nose shape to grow on it, by surgical implantation in the patient's arm. Finally, the prosthesis is attached to the face by reconnecting blood vessels hundred.

Octopus Arm

For those who are bored with monotonous human arms, designer Kaylene Kau, University of Washington, has developed a prosthetic arm that curls around objects, such as an octopus tentacle. The arm is filled cables and powered by motors so it may hold a variety of objects.

Functional Eyeball

Several researchers have developed visual prostheses that are light years ahead of traditional glass eyes and someday could help blind people see again. So far, only one company, Second Sight, has received FDA approval for bionic eyes. This system uses a tiny camera to see the world and a team that converts data into electrical signals that the brain can interpret.

Mermaid Tail

Nadia Vassey lost both legs at the knee as a child and since then always dreamed of somehow being able to swim in the sea, after much thought decided to write to the company to request Wetta Wokshop creating a novel and interesting prosthesis to help her swim. The company will build a real mermaid tail.