For a diet to be effective must be custom tailored to the needs of each individual. If there is a properly balanced diet and custom may trigger rebound effect, with inadequate diets in the best only losing water and muscle mass, when the body does recover more prone to retaining fat and liquid, Sometimes getting lost more weight regain.

But if it is not a diet designed or supervised by a nutritionist or dietitian hazards may become more serious nutritional deficiencies of many of these diets, such as dissociative or calorie-exclusive and unbalanced feeding on the same dishes in the dangerous repetitive diets, can lead eventually to the development of physical illnesses such as diabetes, vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease or related to the liver. Diets are dangerous and fail to lose weight.

Weight loss diets should be balanced, customized and controlled by specialists. There is only one way to lose weight effectively and healthy: a perfectly customized low-calorie diet by a nutritionist.

The real weapons to fight obesity have them closer to what we believe. The Mediterranean diet has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mediterranean diet is called the traditional diet of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, especially Spain, Italy, Greece and France. A study by the American Neurological Association revealed that these foods protect the brain areas involved in memory and thinking, reduces the risk of stroke and by the prestigious British Medical Journal in 2008, protects us from most chronic diseases including cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease and Parkinson's disease. And in this case it has been scientifically proven effects.

The Mediterranean diet known for its health benefits is the healthiest way to combat obesity and help control their cholesterol, any supervised low-calorie diet and customized based on it, not only be a very effective diet and delicious, if not also a health guarantee.