Rosado has relied, after launching the Third Conference on Technologies for Health will discuss the present and future of personalized medicine.

The close of business on 7 and 8 June is due to default to the 2,200 pharmacies in the Valencian Community, which is approximately 480 million euros, of which last May should have been paid 120 million for to January.

In this regard, the Minister said: "Our intention is that this Wednesday already paid the amount, with the effort to collect the 120 million that we needed to make this payment"

Pharmacies must pplantearse in June that if the Department have trouble raising the money of a bill should be paid three months ago., Next month will have no money at all and will be in the same situation or worse.

Pink, in a desperate attempt to sustain its deception, has held that it should make this closure because the "payment will be done" and in that sense has been suggested that "if nonetheless" maintain this measure apothecaries' we which is a disorder superimposed to citizens because it will leave the amount as stated. "

Deception, Mr. Councillor, is his. You do believe that citizenship is aware of the payments and was delayed only a few days when, in fact, pharmacists are months without pay and closing is just a desperate measure before reaching the final closure in bankruptcy to which you are abocando them.

In any case, showing a point of cynicism, has reassured the public because he said that "no harm deficit" because the public health Valencia, despite being in bankruptcy, "respond to any need that may be generated during this lockout" .