Surely some smokers will stop the habit as of January 2, but it is possible a majority continue to smoke, although it should be in the street. Demonstrated by the experience of current rules, which these days will be five years and will become more restrictive with the amendment passed this month by the Government.

Although the current law is more lax than the new one, entry into force and eventually resulted in some change in smoking, although perhaps not as drastic as expected.

This new regulatory action is overshadowed by the Decree of anti-crisis measures approved earlier this month, which included the tax increase to snuff in all its variants. This caused a general rise of snuff and especially cheaper ones, such as rolling the bite, the average increase was between 25 and 30 cents per pack.

So the Government strengthens the new rules and try to dissuade smokers face to January 2. Those most affected by the rising price of snuff will be young and lower-income smokers.

The snuff rolling along the pipe, had become the straw that hold for a good portion of smokers who wanted to reduce consumption without being forced to leave completely and, incidentally, save a few euros.

The fact that smoking seems more expensive out the most effective measure against smoking, especially if one looks at the impact of legislation still in force. The restrictions do not undermine both the smokers and the trance of having to scratch his pocket.