The Ministry of Health trusts that this measure also contributes to reducing unwanted pregnancies, especially among youth and adolescents as well as the number of voluntary terminations of pregnancy.

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has published an information brochure to be distributed in pharmacies to the postcoital pill users in the reporting of up to 13 regular birth control use with an efficiency of over 75 percent to be used instead of the pill, which the ministry considers "emergency".

For their part, pharmacists handed Catalans a kit consisting of a triptych in which reports on the emergency nature of the morning-after pill, the characteristics of the drug and possible side effects along with a preservative and an information leaflet on the use.

The Andalusian Family Forum, through its president Díe Federico Martinez, he was against the postcoital pill be sold without a prescription because, "you're checking out the patient from supervision by the doctor," because according to the himself declared "may cause side effects very important," adding, "We understand that it must be prescribed by a doctor who can evaluate the circumstances that accompany and may alter the functioning of the drug itself."

Faced with this from the ministry daja not insist that the morning after pill should not be used as a regular contraceptive method, as there are other methods such as condoms which also prevent sexually transmitted diseases, for example, HIV .