One of the world's largest study, researchers tracked 46,000 women for nearly 40 years on the pill has found that women who have used can expect to live longer and are less likely to die from any cause including cancer and heart disease.

"I think it's reassuring results for many women," says Professor Philip Hannaford, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, who led the research.
He adds that "while taking the pill there are some risks, but women can be reduced by avoiding smoking, blood pressure checked and taking part in control programs.

However, time trial authors emphasized that the findings are only accepted for women who have consumed the pills marketed first, since studies began in 1968.

Hannaford and his colleagues believe that the risks and benefits associated with the tablets can vary around the world, they depend on the manner in which it is consumed and the risks presented by each patient.

Remember that in Spain, 18% of the female population using the contraceptive pill even though it is a comparatively low rate if we consider data from other countries like the U.S. or UK.