Conscious of the delay that still exists in the diagnosis of ADHD in children and young people Speech Therapists Association of Spain (ALE) has chosen to dedicate part of their First Day of alternative therapies to comment on this disorder with professional speech therapists, teachers, psychologists and biologists who live with ADHD every day.

One of the conclusions we reached in this round, after the involvement of Nuria Serra, a biologist at the company Vitae of food supplements is that we should pay more attention to when detecting a possible ADHD in children early age at time parents should learn very well from the many forms of treatment that exist today.

In this regard the talk of Nuria Serra, supported by the opinion of the pediatrician in natural medicine Clavera M ª Jesús, focused on providing attendees natural aid for the treatment of ADHD. In particular, there were two studies conducted in Australia and Britain - Study and Study Adelaide Durham, showing that consumption of Eye Q, a natural product based on the Omega 3 fatty acids, contributes to brain cells the amounts of EPA and DHA necessary to help restore the levels of these fatty acids.
As Nuria Serra said "studies with Eye Q, based on the Omega 3 oils extracted from fish, showed an improvement in spelling, reading and learning ability in children with ADHD

In this regard, he recalled that 30% of our brain is composed of Omega 3 fatty acids, ie, while the brain is formed by a hundred million cells that need these fatty acids to function. In this sense, Omega 3 is essential for repair of cellular membranes and that every day we generate about 2 million cells, but each time it consumes less amount of Omega 3.

What is Vitae?

Since its founding in 1995, VITA's mission is to become the food supplements company to lead innovation in the Spanish market of health in order to help improve the quality of life of people. Currently, and in its size, VITAE is a reference in Spain as an independent company that markets high quality food supplements.

In this way, studies and clinical trials of product being carried out with the institution and the rigor necessary for its results to be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific forums and conferences.

Applying science and innovation, try to help where possible to improve the lives of people. With this commitment, we can properly manage the continuing advances that occur in the products and at the same time, reverse its beneficial characteristics in the consumer.